With the faculties, the deep knowledge of space and his needs, our multi-annual experience in the INSULATION – CONSTRUCTION – DECORATION – PACKING we are after a long course, in position to offer really completed services and products to the customers our and pioneering proposals, for the satisfaction of needs of market and final consumer.

Since 1980, G. K. RIZAKOS S.A. continuously develops and developed serious perception on subjects of investigation of real needs at market sectors of INSULATION – CONSTRUCTION – DECORATION – PACKING that at the same time with the customer-facing philosophy, making the customer in real collaborator.

For G.K. RIZAKOS S.A. the profit of collaborator, existed basic concern and objective. Careful existed from beginning the research of products and the choices of technologies so, they have long-term prospect and their facility of modernisation. Was ensured leading quality of products that was one from the basic parameters of establishment of corporate name and allocated product in the market.
The organization of G. K. RIZAKOS S.A. in regard to the support of sales of her collaborators, the faculty to traffic in and to promote effectively the total of products and services of irrelevantly volume of work always in constant quality, they determined her corporate identity as a big and reliable collaborator, with the following particular characteristics:

  • Reliability of products, human potential, and benefit of services to each collaborator.
  • We are near to our customers from the demonstration up to sale and after this - Technical Support - as we have proved into practice.
  • We support our customers with our organization, with the quality of products and services and the competitive prices in the sales.
  • Our Intention is the permanent investigation for new products and the disposal of these mining at the both sides profitability.



G. K. RIZAKOS S.A. with basic planning and policy her growth, accomplished it is differentiated and it leads in the Greek market for 8 basic reasons as:

  • Uniqueness in the qualitative control of products with Laboratory of Qualitative Control and Certification of Processes and Products (ISO, CE).
  • Creation of department of research for search of new applications and permanent growth of her technological equipment.
  • Disposal for strategic collaboration with customers-collaborator for 20 years.
  • Faculty of bigger Productive Capacity in Greece with variety of products and solutions for the all applications.
  • Know-how, Comprehension of needs and solutions to the customer.
  • Service to the customer with genuine definition of service.
  • The bigger productive installations with 3 productive units and with difference from the second competitor (we are triple from second).
  • Innovations in products and services for new applications.

Today, G. K. RIZAKOS the bigger company of EPS production in Greece with annual capacity 150.000 m3 EPS for building use, and 25 moulding machines for production of materials of packing from EPS, annual capacity of 5.000 tons of Polysterine.

G. K. RIZAKOS S.A. is certified at ISO 9001:2000 from the European organism of certification TUV CERT and is member of Hellenic Association of EPS Producers (EPS Hellas). It allocates products for each building use and in various types as for insulation of walls and elements from concrete with commercial names ISOPLAK, ISOCOAT, ISOPOR and NEOPOR (New Expanded Polystyrene with Graphite from the BASF), for underfloor heating with commercial name ISOFLOOR, for insulation tile roof with commercial name ISOLTETTO (unique in Greece), for inverted insulation of loft with commercial name ISOTILE and for light concrete with grains with commercial name EPS ISOLBETON.

G. K. RIZAKOS S.A. is exclusive representative of products of internal decoration BOVELACCI, POLIGEL and pumps of light concrete CMO and commercial collaborator of companies FIBRAN, KNAUF and SIKA. The all products and merchandises of company are available from her subsidiary companies in Athens, Thessaloniki and Lamia. In 2008 the turnover of company was 13.000.000 Euros.

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