Intermediary plate

Heat and sound insulation of floor of intermediary plate

In intermediary plates of each construction whether it is a block of flats or residence there are at both sides heated spaces therefore the requirements of heat insulation are smaller and the heat insulation is used in order to covers losses from delayed heating or cooling of each space ether residence or each apartment if it is a block of flats. What however has bigger importance in these spaces is the sound insulation that is required for the restriction of “pollution” created by walking, moving objects and the common use of each space.

There are 3 cases of floors:

Floor with nailed wooden parquet

For heat and sound insulation in nailed wooden floor is important that the voids between the frames are filled in order to avoid noise that is created from the drumming on the floor (from walking or objects falling) and to place flexible gaskets that would isolate the parquet from the frames or the frames from the plate, so as to have a floating floor.

It is suggested the use of filling with special grains of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) STYROFILL, so as to have satisfactory results of heat and sound insulation without problems from humidity in the efficiency of insulation.

Floor with under floor heating

ΚIn this case the floor becomes floating as in the case of tiles or close-bodied parquet, but it is also added floor heating with special nodes and dam for water vapors on which are laid the heating pipes before the infusion of armed cement layer which in this particular case should have increased thermal conductivity, usually with the addition of metal fibers, for this reason and is named thermo concrete. The position of the board with nodes, who functions also as heat insulation decreasing the losses of heating under the floor, is above the light weight concrete ISOLBETON.

For the application of under floor heating are suggested for heat insulating of pipes, the special hard pressed plates Expanded Polystyrene with flame retardant, of high density, shaped with nodes from mould ISOFLOOR EPS 200 PLUS.

In all the 3 cases of floors of intermediary plates if they are placed in floors above not heated or exterior spaces in which there is no heat insulation at the down side of holder plate, the heat insulation of the floor can be improved with the addition of heat insulating material of high density and compression strength under the heat and sound insulating layer. In this case of course there is no exploitation of thermal capacity of the holder plate, only that of the floor.

For the heat insulating layer is suggested the use Expanded Polystyrene with graphite NEOCOAT TX EPS 100 or NEOPLAK TX EPS 120, ISOPOR EPS 150 in suitable thickness according to the regulation of Energy Efficiency of Buildings