Flat Roof

Flat Roof Heat Insulation

Roofs are elements of the exterior shell, that endure more intensely from all other, the effects of environment that affect continuously their surface and are consuls of various deteriorations. Detachments of materials, bloating in the layers, premature ageing of the sealing and insulating materials, fractures and cracking, shaping of rashes and spots in the internal surface are only some of the deteriorations that roofs suffer and are attributed in their incomplete, bad or defective protection.

The condition for avoiding all these problems and for the correct operation constitutes the compliance of certain rules of technique and application of principles and physics of the manufactures and requires the continuous maintenance and protection of the manufacture during all its lifetime.

The heat insulation of a flat roof can be achieved in 4 alternative methods:

  • Externally in all the surface with conventional way
  • Externally in all the surface with reversed way
  • Externally in all the surface with adding green (planted)
  • Internally in all the surface