Five basic principles

Five basic principles

The Passive Building works like a thermos, which passively keeps its contents at the right temperature, without the use of active cooling or heating.

1. Insulation: A properly insulated building envelope, during the winter, keep the heat inside the building, and in summer prevents it from entering into it.

2. Windows: Properly designed, insulated and fitted frames involved in optimal utilization of solar gains.

3. Ventilation Energy Recovery: The passive Building ventilation systems provide fresh air, free from pollen and dust with maximum energy efficiency through the heat recovery and moisture control.

4. Air permeability: The passive and is so designed as to avoid air leaks in the building shell thereby increasing energy efficiency and to prevent the air streams and to damage by moisture.

5. Thermal bridges: Minimizing thermal bridges and weak points in the building envelope, contribute to creating a pleasant and stable temperature and eliminates damage from moisture and increases energy efficiency.

Shading, natural ventilation Night, Light Geothermal Air and Correct Design of thermal mass contributes to better performance of passive buildings in Mediterranean climates.