Perimeter basement

Perimeter basement wall insulation

In the case of concrete walls which start from the foundations and reaches 50cm above the natural ground attension should be paid to protect materials against soil moisture with proper placement of a waterproofing layer. This layer comes after proper preparation of the wall (cutting the hairpin and sealing, smoothing the surface) and must be composed of two or more layers of bituminous membranes or waterproofing cement or bitumen. Upon this is placed the insulating layer which is adhered on the seal with a special adhesive polyurethane foam. Followed by a layer of geofabric with sufficient length to cover the next layer.

At the base of the foundation, where the insulating layer stops, a drain pipe is positioned which collects water flowing in one well-equipped with drain pump that injects them into drains. Above the tube follows rock fills covered with the continuity of geotextile of which the end meets the beginning. The geofabric interrupts the continuity of the capillaries of the soil and protects the drain pipe from clogging. Above the geofabric we filled with soil up to the desired level of soil.

In perimeter basement walls is suggested the use of pressed Expanded Polystyrene with very low water absorbance such as PERIPOR EPS 250 or ISOPOR EPS 200 in the suitable thickness according to the regulation of Energy Efficiency of Buildings.