Pallets from Expanded polysterene EPS

In ISOPALLET 800 and 1000 it is possible to insert metal beams in the base inside the sets of feet in the support surface, allowing movement on the tension rollers and pilling on load bearing shelves.

ISOPALLET represents the best solution to logistic problems of industries like Electronics, Pharmaceutics, Textiles, Ceramics and Food. It stands out as the fundamental means for the production, handling of goods, storage and distribution processes. A high quality pallet sets up your best investment, able to protect your items soon after the production phase till the final sales point.

It is a cost for production and distribution but nothing compared with possible damages to an automated storage system, to packaging destruction or to the breakage of chemical products. Not to mention the dangers and the set of problems due to the use of an unfit product.

ISOPALLET reduces transport & handling risks since it is:

  • Versatile

It is used in all foodstuffs, pharmaceutical, electronic, textile fields and there is no restriction to it's use. Isopallet is suitable for manual and automatic handling (tension roller, conveyor belt, storage on racks). It has the possibility to take it up from all 4 sides.

  • Safe and hygienic

It respects the highest hygienic standards and complies with specific pro-sanitary measures in force in several countries (lspm 15). Due to the absence of nails and splinters it does not scratch. It does not generate the growth of bacteria and the attack of fungus and noxious insects. It is water-proof.

  • Light

The very low weight cuts down transportation expenses especially when it comes to airfreight.

  • Ergonomic

It has been designed following the dimensional standards for transport and movement.

  • Recyclable

Fully recyclable at 100%.

  • Stackable

It allows pilling a huge number of pallets in a small room in the warehouse.

  • In conformity with import-export regulations

Specific European regulations expect its use; especially the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry impose it for its hygiene and safety features and for its relative easiness in cleaning. It is allowed in Customs and Forester, so you don't have to worry even for export in such strict rules countries.