Coated Expanded Polystyrene Beads for the Manufacture of Light Weight Concrete

Ideal solution for mezzanine floors and roofs of metal buildings.

Isolbeton is a mixture of virgin and recycled beads of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) with a diameter range from 3 to 8 mm coated with a special liquid additive which guarantees a homogeneous mix with water, cement and sand, if needed, by eliminating the phenomenon of the flotation of the beads. The beads of Isolbeton are not toxic. They are long lasting and their dimensions are constant through time. They do not contain CFCs, HCFCs. They are free from any nutritional value that might encourage the growth of fungus and bacteria.
The characteristics of the light thermal insulating concrete that is produced with the use of Isolbeton are the following:

  • Low weight
  • Thermal insulation – Sound Insulation
  • Savings in the building’s structure
  • Minimal seismic stress
  • Disappearance of the elasticity in walking


Mixture order

Technical Characteristics