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Certified Cut Expanded Polystyrene with Graphite and Flame Retardant (EPS)

ΣCoefficient of Thermal Conductivity:
EPS 100 λ = 0,030 W / mK
EPS 150 λ = 0,030 W / mK
EPS 200 λ = 0,030 W / mK
Thermal Resistant for thickness d=50mm
EPS 100 R = 1,667 m2 K/W
EPS 150 R = 1,667 m2 K/W
EPS 200 R = 1,667 m2 K/W

The insulating material of the future is called Neopor®. Neopor® is a product of intensive research by BASF® and it is an innovative new type of raw material for Expanded Polystyrene. It has silver gray color and offers significantly improved thermal performance compared to conventional insulation materials.

In Neopor® the microscopic molecules of graphite that are contained at 3% in its composition, function as reflectors that prevent the transmission of heat via radiation, allowing only the convection to contribute in the loss of heat.

Today, BASF® expands its range of Neopor® with a new raw material called Neopor® Plus, which is enriched with a higher graphite content. As a result Neopor® Plus has even lower thermal conductivity coefficient “λ” and is even better in insulation.

Insulating boards made of Neopor® or EPS contain 98% by volume of air in closed polystyrene cells and as a result are environmentally friendly.
The motionless air has λ 0,027 W / mK and this is the lower limit of λ that environmentally friendly thermal insulation materials can achieve by trapping air in closed cells. Thanks to the research done by BASF we are approaching every day this limit. Neopor® Plus achieves λd 0,030 W / mK regardless the thickness of the board, compared with other insulating materials containing carbon or graphite.

G.K. RIZAKOS SA innovates once again by introducing for the first time in Greece insulation materials made of BASF®’s Neopor® Plus and has developed three new product lines of thermal insulation boards, Neopor® Plus+, Neoplak® and Neotetto® covering the whole range of insulation applications.


Graphite boards for insulating cavity walls, roofs and concrete elements with a thermal conductivity coefficient λd = 0,030 W / mK
The insulation boards Neoplak® are produced by enriched with Graphite and Flame Retardant Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). The Neoplak® boards are produced in moulds, have rebate edges on all sides, a meter embossed to facilitate cutting to measure and embossed their name on the board.
It is packaged in silver polyethylene bags that have printed the name Neoplak®.
It is produced according to the specifications of EN 13163:2008 standard and has a certificate for its production according to ISO 9001 and CE marking.

It is available in three types, TX-TT for cavity walls and inclined roofs, BT for concrete elements and AM for room insulation, refrigerators floors and underground perimeter walls.It is produced in 5 different thicknesses 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 100 mm.

Technical Specifications