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Certified Moulded Hybrid board of Grafite and Pink Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Ipor is a composite hybrid heat insulating board made of NEOPLAK EPS 100 core and hard pink PERIPOR EPS 200 Expanded Polystyrene that is the ideal solution for the application of external thermal insulation ETICS of buildings with a thermal conductivity λd = 0,031 W / mK. Ipor is certified according to EN 13163: 2012 and ETAG 004 and is CE marked.

The hard EPS 200 skin is always 10 mm thick and the overall thickness of the plate is formed by NEOPOR polystyrene expanded polystyrene core whose thickness changes. The EPS 100 graphite core ensures the elasticity required to protect the coatings from cracking and the hard PERIPOR EPS 200 pink enamel increases the impact and perforation resistance. This configuration allows the use of Ipor even in the waterproofing zone near the ground level and the floor of each balcony. Ipor has a special configuration in its hard skin, in the shape of sequential lozenges which improves adhesion to the coating. On the inner surface of the plates where the adhesive is placed there is the same rhombic configuration as the hard skin. Finally, the pink skin of Ipor does not require the garage to shade net on the scaffold because its pink color does not absorb much of the spectrum of the sun's rays and so the plate does not expand significantly.

Technical Specifications

To learn about the construction of low-energy buildings with EPS by the EUMEPS European Union of Expanded Polystyrene