Neotetto Air

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Ideal ventilated roof insulation system

Neotetto Air® is the only heat-insulating roof panel with built-in ventilation channels designed to increase the efficiency of ventilation on ventilated roofs and offers excellent roof thermal insulation.

It consists of a 1.20m x 1.20m specially shaped plate made of pressed self-grinding polystyrene foam (EPS) type EPS 100, in combination with a 9mm OSB-3 exterior panel.

Advantages of Neotetto Air®

Large ventilation: The special form of ventilation channels improves the efficiency of ventilation, maximizes the air intake section and heat dissipation from the upper part of the roof which would otherwise be overheated by the summer sun. Even in winter, ventilation is beneficial because at high altitudes where snowfall is frequent, it allows a uniform melting of snow by preventing standing water that could penetrate the inside of the roof.

Total durability: Neotetto Air® has excellent compression strength. The larger surface of the EPS ribs, due to their special configuration, increases the load-bearing capacity of the panels, supporting OSB better, thus reducing the risk of bending during walking when the roof is made.

It limits the heat loss in the winter and maintains a cool environment in the summer, allowing for the reduction of energy consumption for heating and cooling, resulting in significant savings in money
It does not change over time, it is not affected by microorganisms, mold and weather, ensuring health and long-term energy savings

  • It helps to protect the environment, reduce consumption, because it emits small amounts of CO2 (greenhouse effect) in the atmosphere and conservation of energy sources
  • Compatible with any type, inclination and roofing
  • Robust, walks, easy to operate and provides space saving
  • Easy to install, even by a single person, with simple equipment
  • It has shoulders to avoid thermal bridges
  • Application degradation is minimal due to the small size of the panel
  • It is environmentally friendly since it is made up of recyclable materials
  • Allows use of all possible combinations of membranes
  • It is provided with full installation instructions

Technical Characteristics