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Certified Blue Extruded Polystyrene (XPS)

Our company, in compliance with the European Directives (CPD) concerning the production and placing on the market of construction products, has decided to place on the market a new series of insulating products under the brand name EXPOR and CE marking. These products are produced according to the strictest European specifications and are the most advantageous solution where there is a need for very high mechanical strength of the thermal insulation in the modern construction. They are produced in dimensions of 2,5 x 0,6 m and 1,25 x 0,6 m for thermo-insulating applications of masonry, formwork, tile roofs, thermal insulation of floors and cooling chambers.

The thermal conductivity coefficient starts from λd = 0,032 W / mK for 3cm thick plates and reaches λd = 0,034 W / mK for 10 cm thick plates at Expor.